Changing the world, one water well at a time

Water for Life Initative

On July 4th 2015, The Globe and Mail Report on Business published a story on an initiative I’ve had the pleasure to lead. (1)  As Canadians, we are fortunate to be among the top four countries in the world with clean, drinkable water (behind Sweden, Austria and Norway). (2)  Sadly, 3.5 million people die annually from ingesting diseased water. As a Canadian business owner, I’ve decided to help address this urgent problem by becoming involved with the “Water for Life Initiative” hosted by the Global Aid Network (GAiN).

Our campaign helps finance GAiN’s drilling of deep-water wells in developing countries to support people who are in desperate need of water.  A water well drilled by GAiN supplies 1000 people with disease-free water for up to 25 years, and only costs $8,500. These wells help provide hydration for villagers, safety for women who currently venture to gather water, along with additional economic and social benefits that allow a village to thrive. Since inception of the program, GAiN has provided fresh water to 1,067,000 people, saving thousands of lives and providing a bright future for many.

I am privileged to lead a team of more than 20 Toronto business leaders and accomplished musicians. Working together, our creative team has produced a rock record album that is now released and available on global digital music sites such as iTunes and Amazon. The album, Change the World by The Cherry Trees Band, donates 100 percent of proceeds to the Water for Life Initiative. We’ve received support from one of the world’s largest digital music stores, CD Baby, which has listed our album under the ‘Editors Picks/Newly Released category’ for over 8 weeks.

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We need your support. Please visit our website by clicking the button above. After viewing the compelling video that details the benefits of providing fresh water to people in need, we’re hopeful you’ll consider donating online, purchasing our album on iTunes or supporting our social media presence.

Water for Life Initiative

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