Directors Global launches “Risk Leadership” training for Boards and Executive Teams

Directors Global is proud to launch its new web site. We’re also very excited about formally launching our new “Risk Leadership” education & training program for directors and executives. Training for senior leaders in understanding, implementing and overseeing organization-wide and strategic Enterprise Risk Management has been a void in the Canadian marketplace- we’re filling that gap.

Drawing from our paper which appears in the New York Times best-seller, “The Handbook of Board Governance” (Wiley Press 2020), we have developed a multi-step Practical Guide which forms the core of our program and which gives board members and executives the tools, best practices, resources to understand the steps required to ensure the fundamentals and elements are in place to implement and oversee a best practices Enterprise Risk Management program. Specific, detailed and technical training for Risk Managers and Chief Risk Officers (CRO) has been offered for years, but senior leaders need a different approach. Organizational leaders need to understand risk practices from a strategic sense, overseeĀ  implementation, and ensure the right pieces are in place at a high level. Many directors and C-Suite executives have had some preliminary and introductory risk training at Canada’s Directors College or at the Institute of Corporate Directors as part of broader education, but focused and practical risk related instruction is not widely available in Canada.

Our programs are customized for one day, two days or three days and can be help on-line, or in-person (pandemic considered). We can deliver a program for board risk oversight only, or combined executive team/board, or C-Suite only. We will be offering our program customized for organizations who wish direct training, and we’ll also be offering it several times annually (next session tentatively scheduled for Thursday November 18th and Friday November 19th, 9:00-5:00 EST). Our programs are for public, private and/or NFP organizations.

Contact us to learn more on how we can customize a curriculum to help your top leaders oversee, understand, implement best practices in risk management.

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