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Introduction to Risk Training

We utilize practical guidance from our two papers which appear in the New York Times Best Seller, “The Handbook of Board Governance” (2016 and 2020 Editions), Editor Dr. Richard LeBlanc.

Based on years of teaching business leaders, including at the Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD Canada), Governance Professionals of Canada (GPC), and York University and for one-off organizations, we aim to be Canada’s Premier provider of risk training for board members and/or executives. Courses are available customized to organizational/board needs, or will be offered several times annually for groups.

We condense our instruction into “Executive Learning” summarized format, suitable for extremely busy business leaders and we offer one, two or three day courses tailored to the needs of participants.

Corporate leaders must know how to lead Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) at a high level, and that starts with understanding it. Courses are for board members, executives, business owners, and others interested in better understanding formalized risk management processes. The intent is to provide a practical guide serving as a framework with tools and takeaways for you to lead the creation and/or oversight of an organized, structured program to identify, assess and manage risks. The program is also ideally suited for board members or those liaising with boards wanting to understand the steps which should be overseen at a high level. The program will provide a “Certificate in Risk Management” from Directors Global Risk Consulting. The session will be held on-line until the pandemic eases.

Participants will be provided with a “Practical Guide” valuable tool developed by our organization- a step-by step framework walking leaders through understanding and implementing Enterprise Risk Management in their organizations. A condensed version of our framework, “Risk Oversight for Directors: A Practical Guide” appears in the Handbook of Board Governance, Wiley Press 2020, an international New York Times best selling business book for boards and executives.

Instruction will also include Case Studies, breakout groups, videos and networking opportunities.

Our course teaches the “Four Fundamentals” and “Five Elements” of Enterprise Risk Management, as shown below.

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Our training programs are built to suit, are customized, and can be delivered in person or on-line, and are: created to suit the board (Risk Oversight Practices); for the Executive Team (implementing ERM); or for the board and executive team combined (ERM for The Executive Team and Board), we can customize a program to suit. Our courses can be condensed into one, two or three days in-person or on-line, or on-line spread out over a period of time like Friday and Saturday mornings). Contact us and ask us to develop a customized curriculum outline, and we’ll outline pricing and other options;


In development is an e-course for Directors, equipping board members with the tools to understand and effectively oversee ERM at the board level. Stay tuned for more details.

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