Risk Consulting

Directors Global provides advice, analysis and proposed solutions in numerous areas of risk management, including in: structuring complex risk financing programs; finding risk personnel; auditing insurance wordings and loss patterns; broker and insurer selection; and in suggesting financial alternatives to insurance for large commercial enterprises.

Our in depth experience in risk consulting includes providing analysis and advice in many areas of risk management, including but not limited to:

Risk technology: worked with a large Canadian manufacturer transforming data from spreadsheets into systems to manage all facets of risk , including: housing hundreds, thousands of losses or insurance claims; ERM systems; Risk Control action plans; Management and Board Reporting; insurance policy management

Hiring & Training risk personnel: we have helped numerous organizations source, hire and train risk personnel, from hospitals, to one of Canada’s largest manufacturers
Insurance Policy wording audits: we have completed structuring audits of complicated policy language for some of Canada’s largest companies, including: compared coverage to industry standards for a large international reinsurer participating in wholesaler pools; electrical utilities have used us to review existing coverage in an industry reciprocal
Digital Transformation: worked to monetize the relationship a large Canadian marketing firm has with its constituency base, sourcing and selecting an on-line insurance provider to provide all facets of personal insurance
Loss studies: provided triangulated loss calculations, projected future losses based on past claims for one of Canada’s largest hospital organizations
RFP Procurement/Broker or Insurer selection: One of Canada’s largest energy companies retained us when selecting potential providers for their Property insurance program. We invited participants, drew up specifications, and refereed the selection process, ultimately recommended a provider, wrote follow up report
Risk Financing Alternatives: analyzing the need for and logic in: self insurance, high deductibles, captives and other vehicles
Claims Support: structuring analysis of claims responses from insurers, analyzing policy language prescribed responses, coordinating with legal counsel. Helped settle a multi million $ insurance claims matter for a large international food manufacturer.

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