Enterprise Risk Management


Milton Hydro

Milton Hydro Distribution Inc. is a local distribution company, which is responsible for distributing electricity to more than 37,000 business and residential customers within the Town of Milton. Milton Hydro Distribution Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Milton Hydro Holdings Inc., owned by the Town of Milton.
Milton Hydro has been providing safe, reliable, and affordable electricity service for nearly a century


Per Frank Lasowsky, President & CEO “Management has prime responsibility for managing Health and Safety. Supervisors are responsible for ensuring a healthy and safe work environment for employees under their direction. All employees, contractors, and vendors are responsible for working safely and in compliance with all applicable legislation and within all Milton Hydro requirements.”

In 2016, Milton Hydro’s executive team and its board decided to formalize management of all its risks, from health & safety, to customer risks, from infrastructure risks through to regulatory risks. The executive team identifies its risks, assesses them and follows other best practices following steps in Enterprise Risk Management (ERM).

Directors Global works to facilitate and guide ERM at Milton Hydro. Working with the executive team and the board, Milton Hydro now follows formalized steps in Enterprise Risk Management.


“Directors Global provides the necessary guidance to support our organization as we look to manage our risks in an effective Enterprise Risk Management process”
– Frank Lasowski, President and CEO, Milton Hydro