Gain Competitive Advantage Through Enterprise Risk Management



On June 2nd, 8:30 am-noon  at the Albany Club in Toronto, at a session of the Canadian Society of Corporate Secretaries, I will be joined by John Fraser from Hydro One, and we’ll be jointly speaking on Enterprise Risk Management (ERM). Proactive organizations world-wide are gaining a competitive advantage through ERM, by targeting objectives with more certainty.

This instructional session will assist organizations to manage risk better, and will be appropriate for senior executives and board members who wish to understand ERM and how it can benefit their organizations.

Through the ERM process, owners, investors, boards and other stakeholders are more confident that the management team is applying a systematic approach to identifying, assessing and managing key risks. For larger organizations, Credit agencies typically reward mature implementations with better ratings. Increasingly regulators like FSCO and governing bodies like the CPA/CICA are guiding member firms to implement ERM. For smaller and less regulated entities, often this practice can be self-implemented in manageable baby steps.

This session introduces core fundamentals such as: Risk Appetite, Tolerance, Risk Profiles and Reporting, Risk Workshops, and procuring a sound system of identifying and assessing the key risks within a dynamic and changing commercial world. Further, for board members, CEO’s and CFO’s mandated with establishing the boards role in overseeing risk management, the concept of  Board Risk Oversight will be explored in some detail. The session will address six steps in establishing Board Risk Oversight, with take away tools to assist the board as they navigate this complex and onerous requirement. (Register)

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