Food Manufacturing

Some key Insurable risks facing Food Manufacturers, Processors, Distributers


  • Breakdown of refrigeration equipment, such as ammonia leaks
  • Adulteration, Spoilage, Infestation, Change in Temperature or Humidity, to goods at site, in transit, or at external cold storage
  • Contamination by alteration of the product or by introduction of a foreign material into the product, causing damage to the product and/or third party product liability
  • Product Recall – for the withdrawal or recall of products from the market because of suspected or actual defect, deficiency, inadequacy or dangerous condition
  • Manufacturer’s errors and omission for defense/financial loss of others caused by your faulty processing of the product
  • Privacy breach & Cyber liability costs for an accidental or intentional data breach of your customers’ electronically stored, private or sensitive information
  • Workplace Employment practices liability, including: sexual or workplace harassment; workplace violence; wrongful termination
  • Directors & Officers liability risks: oppression & unfairly prejudicial conduct with partners; unpaid wages or taxes; breach of contract; punitive damages; damages not directly from Bodily Injury
  • Employers liability, not insured under Workers Compensation
  • Business Interruption from loss to facility and external power sources, and contingent loss at suppliers, customers and farms
  • Extra expense of moving between cold storage suppliers

Some key food industry Issues
  • Product safety and liability
  • Protecting privacy information, consumer & corporate personnel
  • Supply chain risk management
  • Regulatory tightening on food safety
  • Inventory management, and IT failure
  • Reputation and brand risk


Some key risk management services for food risks:
  • Loss Prevention- Plant, refrigeration equipment, security practices
  • Loss Prevention -Product Liability, Audit and Analysis
  • Contract audit- Reviewing Customer & Contractor insurance
  • Product Liability claims- deductible level, cost benefit analysis
  • On-line 24/7 “risk knowledge centre” for insurance documentation : policy documentation, claims procedures, claims forms, claims history, risk bulletins, loss prevention reports