Recruiting or Training Qualified Risk Directors for your Board

In populating their skills matrices, board chairs often find that recruiting directors with suitable risk governance experience is their most difficult task. According to the DCRO Institute (Directors and Chief Risk Officers), those most capable of leading board risk oversight have much experience “demonstrating a serious commitment to the positive governance of risk-taking at their […]

De-risking in 2023

To prepare you for overseeing, de-risking and managing your organizational risks in 2023, we’ve consolidated results from surveys conducted by two of the world’s top risk management authorities. One survey represents a strategic view from boards and C-Suite, while the second survey reflects more operational risks. The 4,016 respondents from around the globe have provided […]

Preparing Directors to Fight the Raging Cyber War in 2023

In our article “Top Risks Your Business will Face in 2022”, we warned boards to be sure that their management’s corporate risk registers reflected survey results denoting Cyber risk as the #1 threat to business worldwide.1 The latest research adds more urgency to the need to protect mission critical assets. In an article posted by […]

Rating your Board & Management Risk Oversight effectiveness

The world is a risky place to operate a business in-considering COVID-19 variants, Cyber threats, Supply Chain interruptions, Climate Change, and other challenges such as the Great Resignation, War in Ukraine and increasing flooding, fires and natural catastrophes…the complexity of emerging risks over the past three years has prompted many organizations to invest more in […]

Consequences of Boards not Overseeing Risk

Oversight and disclosure by directors of carbon risks is now being guided by courts, regulators, and institutional investors. Similarly, in the ongoing litigation relating to the AIRMAX 737 jets, the courts are considering whether Boeing’s independent directors may have personal liability for failing to oversee management of the corporation’s core risks1. What are the best […]

Top Risks which your Business will face in 2022

Once again, we are pleased to continue our annual tradition by sending you an overview of the most important global business risks for the new year. Like with the last two years, we’ve chosen to source the Allianz 2022 Risk Barometer, an excellent survey comprising responses from 2,650 businesses in 89 countries. This report profiles […]

COVID-19 Resource Centre for Canadian Businesses

It an honour to be chosen as a member of the GPC Advisory Panel (Governance Professionals of Canada) for Navigating Covid-19 Governance and Recovery matters. What does this mean for you? To help Canadian businesses manage through this crisis, the GPC is offering an open exchange for members and non-members to submit questions and get […]

COVID-19: Governance, Risk Implications, and the Role of the Board

I was pleased to be Moderator for this important session held on Friday March 20, 2020 @ 10:00-11:30am EST, hosted by the Governance Professionals of Canada. What are the risks facing businesses? What is the level of preparedness organizations should have, and what questions should boards ask? Now is a time for directors to avoid […]

Experts Identify the Critical Business Risks for 2020

Three of the world’s top risk management firms have surveyed thousands of board members, C-Suite executives and operational practitioners from around the world to determine the most critical issues ahead for 2020. As your organization rolls out its strategy for 2020, it’ll be key to understand the risks which global leaders agree might impact your […]