We take our mission seriously (see Mission). This entails providing our clients with access to a world of resources, while minimizing our costs. Unlike the big brokers, who staff multitudes of in-house resource personnel and whose costs are indirectly or directly passed onto clients whether the services are used or not, Directors Global introduces only the specific specialized services needed and requested by our clients. Analogous to the advantages in researching from the Internet, compared to accessing a single encyclopedia, we surpass the fixed menu offerings of the big brokers by searching worldwide for the perfect partner for our clients. In addition to our role in accessing some of the largest domestic and multinational insurance companies for our clients, Directors Global also searches from the vast domestic and international world of risk management resources to find the right risk control, loss prevention, and financial service to meet our clients’ risk management needs.

We find the right fit, and remain involved as coordinator on behalf of our client, in such areas as:

  • Global insurance placements
  • Employee benefits, group health and life, retirement planning and pension advisory;
  • Enterprise-wide risk assessment and management (see Enterprise Risk Management page);
  • Political and credit risk;
  • Wellness and executive health;
  • Loss prevention and risk control; inspections and improvement recommendations;
  • Disaster planning and business continuity analysis;
  • Claims services;
  • Actuarial, risk pooling, self-insurance management and retention strategies, captives;
  • Disability management and WSIB cost containment;
  • “Alternate risks,” such as:
    • Mergers and acquisitions;
    • Reps and warranty risk;
    • Tax opinion risk.
  • Environmental risks;
  • Boiler and machinery inspection and loss prevention
  • Risk management information systems;

There are many other services our clients may require, which we can arrange.
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