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“Directors Global provides the necessary risk management and insurance ex-pertise we need to support our existing operations, and to help us mitigate M&A risks as we grow”.

Lorne Sugarman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Wellpoint Health Services


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As one of Canada’s most trusted occupational health and safety companies, Wellpoint provides quality service consistently across the country. Wellpoint Health offers a unique range of services that focuses on keeping workforces healthy, productive and safe. Wellpoint Health has offices throughout Canada and a diverse client base that includes all levels of government, and large national and multinational corporations. Wellpoint delivers consistent, high-quality service to over 200,000 clients, helping customers realize significant benefits.

“Wellpoint Health has assembled one of the industry’s premier occupational health, wellness and safety teams comprised of physicians, nurses, psychologists, technicians, dieticians and medics, in order to deliver consistent, high-quality service to help our clients realize significant benefits” says Lorne Sugarman, CEO of Wellpoint Health.


“Wellpoint Health helps our clients mitigate risk and maximize savings with respect to employee health. In turn, we need partners that we can rely on to provide superior service, and that includes a risk partner that provides the depth to support our high standards. We rely on Directors Global to mitigate risks, and to provide the ancillary risk management support services we need.”

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Wellpoint Health relies on Directors Global to place critical commercial insurances, and to assist in the risk management process.